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Menu Tasty Spice Roscrea

Chicken is widely accepted as one of the most lucrative items when it comes to non-vegetarian food. With its innumerable dishes, it keeps foodies hooked to itself. We, here at Tasty Spice Roscrea, are your no-brainer choice in the city if you want to taste the chicken dishes in their best possible versions. Let’s take a brief look at some of our best offerings. You can begin your day with some of our incredible Burgers in the likes of Regular Burger, Quarter Pounder Burger with Cheese, Chicken Burger, Chicken Fillet Burger, Veggie Burger, Donner Burger, etc. You can next try out some of our Meal Deals like Regular Burger Meal, Variety Meal, Snack Box Meal, Chicken Fillet Wrap Meal, Mixed Kebab Meal, etc. These would be able to provide you with a comprehensive experience of everything that you come to expect from a fantastic restaurant like ours. If you are fanatic about Kebabs, our menu would surely be able to treat you with items like Donner Kebab, Chicken Tender Kebab, Vegetable Kebab, Donner Meat Box, Special Kebab, etc. Our Wraps like Chicken Wrap, Donner Wrap, Mixed Wrap, Chicken Tikka Wrap, etc., are equally as tempting. Our Side Orders like Large Plain Sausage, Garlic Mushrooms, Fish & Chips, Chicken Goujons, Chicken Popcorn, etc. are great if you want that extra awesomeness from your meal. You also have the option to choose from our Sauces like Curry Sauce, Taco Sauce, Barbecue Sauce, etc. to make your meal customized according to your choices. Reach us now.


About Tasty Spice Roscrea

We are your one-stop destination if you are fanatic about the mouthwatering experience assortments that chicken is known to offer. We use certain tips and tricks in our kitchen so that our dishes are able to punch way above their weights. Our devoted team members pick up just the best quality of ingredients from the market, thereby maintaining a fine balance between the taste of the food and its quality. You would surely be able to notice a significant difference as you start having some of our dishes. If you are interested to have our dishes is right at your own place, it is our home delivery services that you should definitely consider. Our app is found for free on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store and offers our entire menu right at your disposal, such that you are able to land with your dishes of preference. Try us out today and experience the sheer pleasure of quality dining.


Restaurant location Tasty Spice Roscrea

It is our location that makes us really popular in the city. We are to be found just about at the eye of the city here at Rosemary Street, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary. Thanks to the great options in the conveyance that this place offers, our customers are finding it pretty seamless to visit us from practically anywhere in the city. Yet, if you are having the slightest of issues while coming to us, our app is right there to help you out with GPS support. Try us today and you will be surprised for sure.

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